Top 10 HTML5 Tools to Create An Amazing Website

Top 10 HTML5 Tools to Create An Amazing Website


For any web developer or designer, HTML5 tools prove to be a great help when it comes to step up their workflow and perform repetitive tasks. These tools are blessed with all the richness and power that help webmasters to augment the value of their work and improve the usability of their web designs. They are compelling enough to build beautiful and responsive websites in the quickest possible manner. The majority of HTML5 tools is available for free and they are popular because they take less time and efforts to fabricate a commendable website.

Using HTML5 tools, developers can easily incorporate eye-catching animation effects, videos, fonts, and graphics to their websites. If you are interested in HTML5 tools, then you have come to the right place. Here, we have handpicked a list of some 10 HTML5 tools that are considered best of breed and are famous for their promising nature. You can pick any one of them to manage and build the code for your website.

1. Font dragr


Font dragr is all what you need to preview custom web fonts in the browser. It’s a very simple tool that comes with a drag and drop interface allowing you to drop your typefaces, scalable vector graphics, and Web Open Fonts on the web page to test all of them instantly. Use Font Dragr to instantly load your font and know whether it’s appropriate or not.

2. HTML5 Maker

Animations make a dynamic visual impact on the appearance of a website, and HTML5 Maker is a richly different take on this aspect. Being the finest online animation tool, HTML5 Maker makes it easy for developers to add interactive content to their website with the help of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. The tool is extremely easy to use and helps developers to attain desirable results efficiently. HTML5 Maker also allows you to develop cross-compatible animated content such as Slideshows, HTML5 animation, sliders and more.

 3. HTML Kickstart

HTML Kickstart is a set of HTML, CSS, jQuery elements, and layouts that together help you to start your HTML5 venture while saving you a lot of precious time and efforts.

If you are looking for a tool that speed up your work, then HTML Kickstart is all what you need. It is also compatible across all the major browsers and calls for zero configuration.

4. Initializer


Initializer is a high-end HTML5 tool and template generator to help you kick start your next HTML5 boilerplate project quickly. It’s a nice tool for developing impressive and customizable template to suit your project needs.

5. Liveweave


Liveweave is yet another exemplary HTML5 tool that comes packed with context-sensitive autocompletion for both HTML and CSS. The tool provides you a playground to play around different codes and tag elements to structure your project. Liveweave is a highly sough-after tool among front-end developers as it helps them generate HTML and CSS tags automatically. Once you are done, simply set the live viewer either vertically or horizontally to preview the front-user experience.

6. Adobe Edge Animate

Adobe Edge Animate is a compelling tool for HTML5 developers for creating interactive HTML animations. If you are a part of digital publishing, web, or advertisement, then Adobe Edge Animation will surely appease you. The tool lets them build beautiful animations that run flawlessly across a range of devices. Also, its cross-compatible nature makes sure you never lose your audience.

7. Modernizr


Modernizr is an advanced, open-source JavaScript library that allows designers to create pleasurable website experiences, on the basis of visitor’s browser. Using this tool, you can easily detect whether the current browser supports CSS3 and HTML5 features. This way you can make your website suitable as per the browser.

8. CrossWalk


Create cutting-edge HTML5 applications using CrossWalk. In its bare bones, CrossWalk is a web runtime tool that comes complete with outstanding features of a modern browser. Compatible with both Android and Tizen, CrossWalk is a tool that deserves your attention for constructing interactive mobile applications.

9. Online 3D Sketch


Online 3D Sketch is a remarkable tool that makes the process of creating sketches and drawings absolutely fun and easy. It’s a free online tool that allows developers to create and share their drawing experiences among their friends and team members while encouraging their valuable feedbacks.

10. Patternizer

As the name suggests, Patternizer is a tool that enables developers to develop inspiring patterns for their website. The tool is available for free and allows you to integrate clean codes to generate impressive patterns that are sure to please your website visitors.

To Wrap Up

So, here’s is the end of our round up of some top-notch HTML5 tools that help developers and designers to make their work simple and fast. Pick any one of them and start creating some really cool stuff.






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